Saturday, 28 May 2011

Potager Update 2

When writing yesterday's blog I realised I had not done a potager update since 20th April. See here. As I said then things grow at an alarming rate here. Looking back I still find it difficult to believe the difference a month makes. I suppose it is with trying to grow things in the cold and wet Ribble Valley, Lancashire.

The Potatoes
The beetroot, onions, carrots and dwarf peas (some are over 1mtr high).
From left to right we have spinach, more carrots, dwarf french beans, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and another row of beans.
Space for our leaks, celery, etc and then Courgettes and more cauliflowers
Here in the salad area we have Radish, melons, chilli and ordinary peppers, bush tomatoes, cucumbers and then the tomatoes I wrote about here. In all 42 plants (Yes 42 tomato plants???). Some of the plants have there third truss (flowers). We also have several lots of lettuce maturing.
The Artichoke which was left to us is now maturing.
Likewise the rhubarb which we bought in March in a 3" pot with stems like matchsticks is now matured... Unbelievable!!
Finally as some of the potatoes had started looking a little ragged I decided to test dig one up...
They will be lovely with my barbecued pork chop and salad for tea.. By the way Elizabeth have you used the barby in Preston this week!!!!!! 

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Colin and Elizabeth said...

yes, Colin; I've used the barbie to warm myself up!!!