Sunday, 22 May 2011

Aéroport International de Limoges

Today Elizabeth returned to the UK for a week leaving me here to cope with ALL the gardening, blogging and the warm weather. It is currently half the temperature in North West England as it is here... We have been to Limoges airport before to pick up family back in December. It is my ideal of how all airports should be.... totally hassle free.

It is 153kms from Braye and takes about 2¼ hours on a reasonable trip. It is the most economically way for one of us to return th the UK if you can put up with the ******** of Rynair. (yes I know its been on blogs before but I still find it funny)

The long wait at the checkin
A nice little eatery

The flight to Liverpool was delayed by a few minutes and Elizabeth landed safely at about 16:30 UK time. I look forward to her return in just over a week along with my Mum and son Stephen who are visiting for a while. Still more work for the old dog.... to make sure the place stays spick and span for their arrival. No rest for me then!!!


Jean said...

Hi Colin - no slacking, take-aways and washing up left in the sink for a week while Elizabeth is away, I hope !!!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

In Colin's defence he's an excellent cook, but one thing he'll find very strange this week is that things will be where they should be and not in some random spot where I might chance to leave them...... I can sense you nodding your head, Colin!!!

Susan said...

Colin - I'm coming to live with you! Elizabeth can move in with Simon as they are obviously of the same mindset.

Craig said...

I used Limoges a few times when we lived in France and I agree that it's wonderfully under utilized and a pleasure to use. I share your sentiments regarding Ryanair.