Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Gluten free baking redeemed

After several disasters and disappointments experimenting on the gluten-free baking front - especially with bread - I decided to go back to basics and use my tried and tested recipe.

Success! I went from this:

gluten free bread disaster!
to this:

Encouraged by this success I went on to bake some almond cup cakes.  As these are the only ingredients, I didn't think much could go wrong:

And I was right! The result is some very tasty treats:

And a few extra inches on the waistline! (for those who know me, that last bit was a joke!!)
Thanks to my daughter, Jane, for the recipe!


Craig said...

The bread and cakes look fab - well done!
Is it my eyes or are some of the cup cakes different sizes (larger)?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes, Craig, the cup cakes are different sizes, so that whatever your appetite there's always one to fit the bill!