Monday, 16 May 2011

Le Louroux (43.2kms from Braye)

Yesterday, being my birthday, we did one of our favourite walks around the l'etang at Le Louroux. The walk itself is just over 5kms and you can be sure to see a multitude of wildlife and flora. It takes you along the banks of the lake, along country roads through open countryside and through mixed woodland.

The local monks constructed the dam (below) in the middle ages so they could raise carp and provide a water reserve for a mill. Today it's biodiversity is managed by the Conseil General of Indre-et-Loire.

There is a very good bird watching hide built over the water where you are able to observe some of the water birds many of which are shown on the walls of the hide.

Our most surprising sighting was that of a large Coypu, we have seen small ones several times before in other locations and they are quite cute but the one shown below could not be described that way!! The are considered a pest as they do considerable damage to banks and flora.

There is also the usual!! French facilities.....

The walk is to be recommended..

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Jean said...

You would have to be really desperate to use those "facilities" !!

We have been to Le Louroux (always difficult to pronounce, I find, esp after a glass or two of wine) a few times. They have an excellent vide-grenier/brocante in July (thinking of "our stall"). We have threatened to do the walk around the lake a few times but have never managed it yet........