Monday, 2 May 2011


I have for many many years now grown tomatoes and cucumbers in my greenhouse in England with reasonable success.

However I have never grown them outdoors other than the odd outdoor variety which has given poor results probably due to the north west England climate.

Today after growing several varieties from seed the first tomatoes were planted in the potager.

These two rows (6 plants per row) are English varieties, Moneymaker and Gardeners Delight, the latter being cherry tomatoes. I have also grown several tomato plants from seeds we took from some tomatoes the previous house owner had left growing. I have no idea of the type but looking at what was left of the plants they looked quite a large beef tomato. These have been christened Braye tomatoes!! I have also grown two more English varieties Cerise cherry tomatoes and Red Alert outdoor bush tomatoes.  All will be planted in the next few days. So if they all grow we should not be short of tomatoes!!!!!

The cucumbers I have nurtured from seed are French and chosen because of the name.......  Long Anglais.

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