Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Champigny sur Verde - L'Etang du Chapeau Rouge

We go through the pretty village of Champigny sur Verde on our way from Richelieu to Chinon. It is about 8/9 Km from Braye and has some stunning old buildings. For months now Elizabeth has been wanting to walk around the small lake just visible as you enter the village. Today we did so.

It was a pleasant stroll and teeming with the usual wildlife you find around any pond this time of year. Here are a few of the photos.

A male Banded Demoiselle
A male Beautiful Demoiselle
A female Large Red Damselfly
A male Black Tailed Skimmer
(Not being a bug specialist the ID's above are a best guess so please feel free to educate us)

We also saw a small grass snake and several frogs BUT they were toooo quick for me to react and did not want to be photographed!!

Alas NO red hat though!!

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Susan said...

Photo 3 is a female demoiselle, probably Banded, based on the habitat and the presence of males. Photo 4 is a female Blue Featherleg.