Saturday, 21 May 2011

A little self indulgence.

It was going to be a post about something completely different today, however this afternoon I got some more fabulous photographs of the Hoopoe. It is now becoming a regular feeder on our grass but it is very very timid. The previous shots I took through the window, these and many others today were outside from the patio. Perhaps it is getting more used to me being around.  I hope you enjoy them. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

Oh he's there with the camera I better look my best!!
How am I looking?
This is my best side
Perhaps a little angled

The light is better here
Really I need to get on with my food!!


Jean said...

Great pictures of Hoppie the hoopoe.
We just have Robbie the raven, who comes to dunk his pieces of bread, which he gets from up the road, in our pond to soften them enough to eat them. Now his wife comes, too. Who would have thought that such big ugly birds could be so clever?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

There has to be some pay back for being so ugly, I guess!!