Monday, 30 May 2011

Where is my breakfast.....

As I have blogged before, our garden is full of youngsters at the moment. I had noticed the parents feeding a group of Grey Wagtails in front of the kitchen window for a couple of mornings. Yesterday morning I could not resist taking this little fellow sat on our patio.

Come on Mum where's my breakfast...
I am still waiting
What am I supposed to do with these??
Still waiting
May as well have a rest my little legs are aching!!
In the end no parent turned up so junior hopped along the patio, pecked at a couple of ants and walked off across the garden. So no photograph of Mum feeding baby. Ah well better luck next time..

Footnote. It rained this morning.... the full extent shown here..

A pathetic event not enough to wet the grass. Everything here is like a dust bowl........

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Elizabeth said...

If I thought I'd be allowed to carry them in my hand luggage, I'd bring back a bag of meal worms. However, I want to be allowed on board, so the little cutie will have to do without!