Friday, 6 May 2011

Loudun (18km from Braye) A first impression.

The last time I was in Loudun was back in November 2010 looking for Diesel at every possible service station. With no success I might add.

Loudun goes back to the stone age as described in the picture below.

If I had lived in the early times I could see myself worshipping a god with a name like LUG. He was the most popular and widely worshipped of the Celtic gods. Lug's name in its various forms was taken by the cities of Lyons, Loudun, Laon, Leon, Lieden, Leignitz, Carlisle and Vienna.

Loudun has some very interesting architecture and a few of the historic buildings are shown below.



The last of the pictures is the entrance to the Eglise Saint-Pierre du Marche and is one of the most decoratively carved I have ever seen. We will blog about the church in the near future. 

Our first impression of Loudun was that it is well worth a visit and the tourist information office is excellent. We will be returning as soon as time allows to explore more of its history. 

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Craig said...

Beautiful architecture and well photographed. Thanks for sharing it.