Monday, 23 May 2011

Garden additions

Being so hot again this afternoon I decided to take it easy and sit in the lounger with the camera. I managed to capture two additional garden birds I had not managed to photograph before.

The first is the Tree Creeper which appears to spend its life running up and down my willow trees. Difficult to spot and photograph. The camera does not want to focus correctly...


The second was the Black Redstart. I had seen it many times before but not managed any photographs. I think they may have a nest somewhere possibly in my eaves but it is not obvious.


I also took some more of my friend the Hoopoe who came once more to pose and enjoy our ants!!

I also did some weeding this morning but unfortunately it became too hot. Shame really!!! Elizabeth is enjoying the rain and cold wind in Lancashire. Shame really!!!


Geraldine said...

Hello fellow birdwatchers. I've only just startedmy google blog, haven't put any bird pictures on yet. i envy you your tree creepers. :)

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Elizabeth certainly is "enjoying" the rain and cold wind in Lancashire.... though that's not the first verb that springs to mind! I don't remember the rain being THIS wet and the wind THIS cold when we lived here!

Anyway, no ants, no sunshine, no on to ask me "where have you put the scissors/ towel / camera/ kettle" - the list is endless..... And so will this week be unless the weather improves!

Ah well! Time to go and fill the hot-water bottle and get the thermals on for another Lancashire evening!