Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pruning the grapevines! Now on hold!

This morning I was about to take the secateurs to the vines as discussed here a few days ago.

When we last examined them we noticed a bird's nest. We thought it must be a finished nest, due to the number of young birds we had seen in the garden. Elizabeth took a couple of photos, as she does.

This morning when I looked, a bird was sitting there on the nest. I went for my camera but initially was unable to get the photograph as it saw me and was off at high speed. I wasn't even able to identify it. Not wanting to keep  disturbing it I waited and tried later, managing a reasonable shot.

Can you see what it is yet!!


It's one of our many Goldfinches, so it looks like the pruning will have to wait....... Maybe it was this one I photographed yesterday... It was singing its heart out about something!!

Well its one less job for me to do on my lonesome!!!! (Remember the blue sky Elizabeth, not often seen in Lancashire)


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Blue skies??? Oh yes; I remember blue skies.....


Susan said...

Oh well, home grown table grapes are only any good for supplying leaves for dolmades. The grapes themselves are rubbish in my experience.