Friday, 28 September 2012

Green Spider

Arachnophobia? then look away now...

You see a variety of insects and spiders in France... Some we like; some we don't... We liked this little fellow, but if we knew more about him perhaps we wouldn't!

Anyone recognise him? And if so, should we be worried??


The Broad said...

Never saw a green spider before -- aren't the markings on the back interesting?

Susan said...

It looks like the Crab Spider Misumena vatia - or thereabouts. They are fabulous little beasts who can change colour from white to yellow through green and even pink to match their surroundings. They are extremely efficient hunters and I have often seen them take insects the size of bumblebees. They are so well camouflaged that the nectaring and pollinating insects don't see them. They are incapable of biting a person, and are totally non-agressive.