Friday, 27 May 2011

Strange happening on the seed table

A few weeks ago I created a large seed table outside on the rear patio. It is improvised from a fence panel and four fence posts from the old fence we removed from the middle of the garden, it has and still is doing the job well. The table stands one metre high as shown below.

The seedlings are watered daily in an evening by yours truly. Most of the seed trays and pots have been there for some weeks now and other than some minor earwig damage have remained undisturbed.

Until today that is!! Something had completely uprooted one of my Chilli plants, placed it on another pot and removed about half the soil from the pot!!

The pictures are as I found things this afternoon, I can only think it must be a bird looking for insects or grubs. I hope it found what it was looking for. I have now replanted the undamaged plant so I will wait and see if it happens again.

I also had some chilli's in a small seed tray which motivated me to plant them in the salad part of the potager. The trouble is the soil is that dry I had to use a small amount of compost to bed them in. Bring some of that rain back with you Elizabeth.....

Rain through the windscreen in Preston

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Elizabeth said...

Don't worry, Colin. You'll be able to wring me out when I get back!!