Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The snake and the unfortunate frog

Another of our favorite walks is around the Etang du Louroux a large man made lake in the village of La Louroux. When the water level is lower in the summer it is possible to walk all the way around the etang but at this time of year some of the paths are underwater. There is also a good bird watching hide on the eastern side.

Etang du Louroux
Great Crested Grebe photographed from the bird hide
In the summer whilst walking around the lake I encountered a once in a while photographic opportunity. I turned onto a stoney access and there in the sun enjoying its lunch was a large grass snake.

He just finished up his frog and slithered off into the water but not before I got some magnificent photographs. Poor unfortunate frog !!

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Susan said...

Great photos!