Monday, 28 March 2011

The big plant

The big 'plant' began this last week. Seed trays at the ready Colin set to and sorted out the 'sow indoors' varieties from the 'sow outdoor' types.

In the potager we have so far planted potatoes: Samba and Bernadette, carrots: early Nantes, onion sets: Sturton and Stuttgarter, garlic and peas: Plein le Panier. We still have beetroot, parsnip, sweetcorn, spinach and french beans to sow directly into the potager.

On the indoor front, the seed trays were filled with compost from the compost heap we inherited when we moved in, so we're not sure how much confidence to put in it. Fingers crossed!

Tray after tray was filled, sown, watered and labeled..... Cauliflower, chillies, courgette, leek, broccoli, brussel sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes: 'red alert', 'money maker', 'gardeners delight', 'seeds saved from last year's tomatoes'......Hang on!.... HOW many trays of tomatoes??!

Four days later and the first of the cauliflower seedlings have emerged. This has given us a bit more confidence in the 'inherited' compost and also amazed us at the speed of growth.

One question remains....  We're left with a foil pack of nameless seeds.....Any ideas?

 Answers on a postcard please!


GaynorB said...

I suppose you will just have to plant them and see what grows!

norma said...

I would say they are definitely - seeds!

BTW as you live in open countryside, with very little light pollution I suspect - can you see the Milky Way?

Jean said...

Interesting. I'm with Gaynor - live dangerously !!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes Norma the stars here are fantastic and I am waiting for the warmer evenings so I can get out with the camera and tripod. Watch this space.

norma said...

Can't wait!