Friday, 11 March 2011

Cornwall !!

This cornwall, as we christened it, is located just to the west of Rily-sur-Vienne at the side of the D58 and we pass it often when travelling to Sainte Maure. There are several others we have noted on our travels in the area.

The correct title for them is Corn Cribs.They are basically an age old method for the slow drying by ambient air and subsequent storage of corn cobs. They are simply a long wire mesh cage. This one is to say the least rather large and I would not like to guess how many corn cobs it holds but it is alot!! There must be a formula somewhere to calculate it, but it can stay there, I have retired.

Since we have been passing this one we have seen it full and then empty and have noticed piles of husks outside the crib following emptying. The photos above show it following last years harvest. We are not sure how the corn is used once it has been stored and internet searches only mention corn fed pigs? The farm to which this is attached however is not a pig farm so I can only assume it is just that, a store. It is apparent though that this age old method of storing the corn is diminishing with many of the cribs now remaining empty. The photo below was taken on the road to L'Ile Bouchard.


norma said...

How bizarre. We have been to France a few times but never seen anything like that. You would think the birds and mice (and rats!) would eat them all.

Susan said...

I would guess it's mostly used as poultry food.

Niall & Antoinette said...

Agree with Susan--think it is probably reserve poultry food.