Thursday, 24 March 2011

More Taupes ahhhhhhhhh

My skills as a Taupe trapper are pathetic to say the least. Current score Taupes 100 - Colin 0.  See Taupes the first episode.

What a mess they are now making, so much so that the grass  is growing and it is impossible to mow it, the ground is so uneven.

Round two.
Gas the little blighter's. I actually purchased these before I got the traps. I suppose with the traps I was wanting to eminate my late grandfather who was an expert in these matters. Beside if you actually trap them you know you have succeeded. But I failed and failure is NOT an option. The above fireworks are lit and then placed in the underground runs at strategic intervals.
This has been done with all 10 cartouches and I only managed to get one nose full of the smoke.
The secret is to hold your breath! but I am not doing so as I have little faith that these will do the trick. The underground runs appear to be very extensive. I will wait and see. If piles of earth continue it will be a seance to speak to grandfather to get some tips with the traps.

Watch this space!!

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