Thursday, 10 March 2011

Big Skies

Living in France we share the advantage of being 'an hour ahead'. This has been most noticeable for us during the winter months. We have remarked countless times that "it would be dark at home by now", whilst we are still outside gardening.

Admittedly we have a bit of a reputation locally for being the only people to mow the lawn in the near dark.. but, hey, we are the 'Mad English' after all!

(Incidentally, my photo of Colin was less successful. He puts it down to speed on his part; I put it down to the failing light and incorrect camera settings!)

These additional hours of daylight have allowed us to appreciate the evening skies and there have been some pretty dramatic ones recently at both ends of the day...

I think we'll let the photographs speak for themselves!


Jean said...

Beautiful sunsets.

Susan said...

You are also considerably further south which helps with the day length in winter.