Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Patchwork...... (I've started so I'll finish..)

I've been looking through my craft and sewing things recently and it's brought back not only many happy memories but also some despair at the number of things started and not finished. These range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The most notable is the Patchwork Quilt....

My design features six hexagons arranged around a central one to give the appearance of flowers. These were then joined together to create the quilt. It was going to be king-sized...

I say "was" because it is still unfinished, despite a tell-tale date which rather gives the game away.

Perhaps I would have fared a little better if I'd made the hexagons bigger... They were only 1" across so the work was bound to take an age to complete.

I made a habit of working to a small scale as the following creations show.

These little mice were crafted from pipe-cleaners and the clothes made to fit. If you look closely at the 'man' you'll see that his waist-coat is actually knitted cotton thread, knit by using dress making pins instead of knitting needles.

The 'lady' mouse is shown knitting in the same way.

I think all this came from a background of never being allowed to waste time. So much so that years ago when my car broke down about 20 minutes from home, my mother brought my knitting down for me to do whilst I waited for the breakdown services to arrive!!

Perhaps that's why I've never ever actually finish the patchwork quilt???


Jean said...

I had to click on the picture to enlarge it to make sure I had read the date correctly - 1974 !! That's definitely a record to beat.

As the owner of the world's largest collection of half-knitted jumpers I must congratulate you for still contemplating finishing it !!

And I love the mice. You must have a great deal of patience.

Susan said...

Patchwork is fairly popular in France. I bet there's a club near you that you could join. It would do wonders for your French :-)