Sunday, 13 March 2011

The multi-talented Elizabeth!

One of Elizabeth's many talents is creating artworks from what I have found to be the most unlikely raw materials. The first of these is seaweed art.

The seaweed is collected, backbreakingly I can say after scouring the rocks and beaches of Northumberland at low tide. The weed is dried and mounted on watercolour paper. A simple process but the results are quite impressive.

A selection of some of the scanned images of seaweed Elizabeth has prepared can be found using the link- Seaweed Art. The images are scanned and do  not do justice to the actual seaweed.

Another of her talents, for which I am responsible in a way, is stone polishing, I bought her the polisher as a present. The peebles are collected, again backbreakingly I can say after scouring the beaches of Normandy and The Vendee picking up suitable samples. These are then rotated with various grits for weeks and weeks to produce incredible results!

The Polisher!!
Once polished Elizabeth creates 'objects of desire' from these. A very talented woman to say the least.

It is anticipated that, at some point in the future, these and other items of Elizabeths work will be for sale and with this in mind we have added a page to the blog 'Art and all that stuff'. Why not take a look and let us know if anything takes your fancy.


GaynorB said...

Elizabeth, you are indeed multi-talented!

The art work here, and on your art page is stunning.

I'm sure we have a polisher somewhere in our garage, from the days when my husband taught (he is still involved in education but it is a long time since he taught)and used it as an activity with pupils. It's probably a late 70's version of yours!

Although I think the finished product has everything to do with the original choice of stones. I'm an 'expert' on rocks - at least I have convinced my Y8 class that I am ;-) !!

Thanks for the offer of a visit sometime, we'd love to meet up somewhere.

norma said...

Golly, that takes me back. I used to go to a lapidary club when I was a teenager. I would have loved a polisher back then.