Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Walking round the garden these last couple of days has brought it's own pleasures despite the rain.
The colour of the foliage seems all the more intense and the damp earth sets off the flowers so beautifully.

Another thing I enjoy is exploring the images you can get by photographing droplets of rain on the branches and leaves.

A couple of years ago Colin and I went to Gairloch on the west coast of Scotland. We went in April and had mixed weather, which was lucky because so often you can get solid rain for days on end in that part of the country!

We had a drive to Loch Maree and a walk along the loch shores. I took a photo of Colin, in the drizzle, and then turned my attention to photographing the rain drops. It was only when we looked at the photos later that we realised that in one of the rain drops I had caught an image of Colin, not dissimilar to the one I had taken of him earlier. Obviously the image is inverted but if you look at the two pictures below, you'll see the likeness.

 I'll leave you to reflect on that!

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