Monday, 7 March 2011

The highs and lows of the French postal service

Today we waited in for the expected delivery of a parcel, which we knew was too large to fit in our postbox at the gate.

By mid afternoon we were concerned that the promised delivery was not going to happen. Colin checked on the tracking system online. The message read:

"Le destinataire etait absent lors de la livraison" 

Contrary to this message we had NOT been out and no-one had attempted to deliver our parcel!

The only course of action was to go down to La Poste in Richelieu and attempt to complain....

Copy of the tracking notice in hand, I explained what had happened (I think!) The postmaster looked on the computer. There was no record of our parcel....He shook his head with some considerable degree of gravity.

I tried to think of our next move - in french - and failed miserably...

Then the postmaster disappeared to a back room. He was gone for a while giving me time to think, but offering little inspiration.

Without a word he then popped his head round the corner and beckoned us to follow. A door opened and there he stood with our parcel in hand!

I think he could tell by the look on our faces that this was not the outcome we had prepared ourselves for, but a very welcome one nevertheless! The ways of the french postal service will never cease to amaze us.

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Jean said...

It's probably the same as the system in the UK where those that should deliver parcels occasionally have better things to do and tell porkies.

I once followed a delivery van (not Royal Mail) stuck in a traffic jam. The driver got out every few minutes, opened the back door of the van, scanned a parcel inside using his hand-held scanner and then threw it to the front of the van. One can only guess what that was all about.