Monday, 14 March 2011

La Main Jaune

One thing that fascinates me about French roundabouts is the amount of imagination that goes into so  many of them. Granted there are the common or garden basic roundabouts but there are also others which are fanciful in the extreme.

I guess my favourite one is the Rond-Point de Pila on the Avenue de Kaya, Chatellerault, imaginatively named "la Main Jaune".

This is a relatively new 'feature', having been completed in August 2010. It's journey to the roundabout caused some amusement amongst the locals.

According to press releases from the time, the structure incorporates cars from a number of countries. An incident involving a 4CV ("une fausse manoeuvre") was not mentioned at the opening ceremony....
 "Sans parler de la 4 CV, l'installation de la Main jaune s'achèvera en fin de semaine prochaine."
It really is an eye-catching feature and can be seen as you approach Chatellerault from the D749 from Richelieu.

Other roundabouts to follow! 

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