Monday, 21 January 2013

Small shower room update...

This is going to be one of those jobs that goes on and on... We started work on upgrading the small shower room back at the beginning of November. See Here

After searching all the usual outlets for a suitable shower tray in France, we gave up and ordered one when we were back in the UK over Christmas. Work has now started again.

The search was on to find a bag of reasonable French plaster, that does not set by the time you have mixed it and taken it to the work site as the last bag did. We eventually found one that lasted 35 minutes before it started to set...

The bottom of the tiles were then plastered flush. The whole lot will be given a waterproof coating  before the new tiles are fixed.

The next steps will be to provide a flat base for the new shower tray (shown in position below) to sit on and to connect the 40mm high flow waste outlet.

With the shuttering and the waste in place all we want now is sand and cement and of course, a good man to mix it.

Watch this space!!

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