Sunday, 27 January 2013

Apple A-Peel

The other day I put an old apple out on the window-sill, intending to take it to the bottom of the garden for the black birds to enjoy.

Unusually for me  (!!) I forgot about it and it stayed there overnight.

By breakfast time the following day, the blue-tits had beaten me to it...

By the end of the day there was little left of the apple - except for the peel! They obviously weren't too keen on that..

"Who, Me??"

"Yes, You! Get it eaten; it'll make your hair curl!"


Jean said...

I didn't know that the birds would eat an elderly apple. Thanks for the tip!

Tim said...

Great pix

I love the attitude of the Blue and Great Tits... the posturing up to the window like that is known here... in fact, the little bleeders tap on the window when the feeders are empty... and then stand like that... looking accusingly at us for the "neglect" we've shown.
They also tease the cats something rotten!!

Jean, all the thrush family love an apple... in fact, the RSPB sell an apple feeder... a piece of wood with an apple sized hole in the middle and a stainless steel pin to hold the apple in place... and a rod just under the hole to act as a perch.

A sight to be seen around here is at the side of the GP to Preuilly road... where the Vergers de la Garrenne have one of their orchards. The Fieldfares and Redwings descend en-mass to devour any apples left on the trees.

A lot of birds like froot of one kind or another, but this is the first time I've seen a tit eating an apple... it obviously enjoyed it!!