Friday, 25 January 2013

Hawfinch Returns

Following on from last nights post, our patience and gazing through the windows paid off... This afternoon the Hawfinch returned, we were ready with the camera and managed some reasonable photographs.

What's this then?

I will break it open!

We didn't notice at first but this time round he brought his mate with him...

Now Tim that's what we call a sighting and we look forward to more.


Tim said...

Sound of very, very loud raspberry!!

Superb spot! Good photos too!! And very nice to have a pair... they are most likely to be breeding somewhere in your vicinity...

Pollygarter said...

When he said we saw them at Coldstream, we saw some dots that other people swore were hawfinches. Lovely birds lovely pix, very jealous!

Susan said...

Very nice!

Diane said...

I am still waiting to see them here.