Monday, 28 January 2013

Good hiding place?

We have a pair of Kestrels that we often see hovering around our house and in the fields opposite. They also love to sit in our poplars watching the world go by. Elizabeth managed a distant photograph of one.

When the Kestrel is about the birds on and around our feeders disappear rapidly. One bird must give the alarm and within seconds they are gone. Sometimes it is a false alarm and they are back equally as quickly but yesterday when we looked at the feeders there was not a bird in sight.

Or was there? Click the photo to make it bigger.

Take a closer look.

Yes it is one of our Nuthatches

It was there hiding under the bird table, absolutely motionless, where it stayed for several minutes until a Great Tit flew to the table and in a flash the Nuthatch was gone.

Things were soon back to normal, birds everywhere happily feeding.

Until the next alarm call!!


Susan said...

Clever little thing!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

It had its head screwed on the right way :-)) Diane