Saturday, 26 January 2013

LGV Tours - Bordeaux

We first blogged about the new rail link in April 2012 after reading a poster in Marigny-Marmande. At the time there appeared to be little information about it.

How things change...

Work is now progressing at great speed. The first three photographs were taken near Futuroscope (Poitiers) yesterday.

These two were taken this morning on the D749 to Chatellerault. The straight road has been diverted around the site where the bridge is being constructed and will be reinstated once the bridge is complete.

The works themselves do not directly affect us as we are several kilometres from the route of the new line. One thing we have noticed is the great number of lorries carrying stone passing through Richelieu. Each time we go out there are several stone lorries on the road, but most appear to be empty? 

When you look at the excavations there is an awful lot of earth / stone to move and the track itself will need a solid foundation! No wonder the trucks are out and about!

The line is set to open in 2015.

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