Sunday, 3 June 2012

Stone polishing

Whilst on holiday at the coast we collected a few pebbles from the beach... as you do...

However after many previous collections we have now become more experienced at selecting the right type of pebble for polishing... Many look as though they will polish well but are too soft and disintegrate during the first stage of polishing.

Below is this years selection. These will be grouped into batches of similar stones both in size and texture and then begin the long multistage polishing process.

The initial stage of the first batch of the stone polishing, using the abrasive 80 grit, is complete and we are pleased with the results so far.

The same batch is now busily turning away in the polisher for the next week using the finer abrasive 220 grit. Following this there will be another week's grinding using 400 grit, followed by a week polishing with cerium oxide polish.

Hopefully the result will be worth blogging about!!

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