Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever...

Having been away for just over a week, we arrived back yesterday to be met with a garden gone mad! The lawn was like a meadow, the weeds were knee high and the soft fruit, salads and vegetables in the potager looked amazing!

Today, whilst Colin took the lawn to task, I've started work on the strawberry patch, which has grown from just six free plants from the UK and ten French plants which were given us as a gift. By planting up the runners last year, we now have well over 100 plants.

The netting cage Colin made for the strawberries has been a huge success producing a bumper crop without a  nibbled fruit in sight...

I've picked fourteen pounds of the beauties today and prepared some of them for dry freezing by washing and drying them, setting them out on a tray and then sprinkling with sugar ready to put in the freezer.

These are some I prepared earlier...

And of course there are plenty more where they came from..

So it's strawberries with everything from now on! We'll be enjoying some to end our anniversary meal this evening!

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Jean said...

Crikey, lucky you. It's a good job you like strawberries. Frozen ones go really well with apples or rhubarb in some kind of dessert.

And I would like to wish you belated congratulations for the anniversary, whatever it was !!....unless I have not been paying attention and missed something.....very best wishes and many more of them !!