Saturday, 23 June 2012

Olympic History comes to Town

My visit back to the UK coincides with the arrival of the Olympic Torch in  my home county, Lancashire and  today to Preston, my home town. 

Here are some shots of its progress, courtesy of my friends, Liz, Sam, Lyndsay and Sandra. Thanks to all of them for getting up earlier than I did and for braving the weather, which, whilst it wasn't exactly mid summer weather, was significantly better than yesterday in Blackpool!! Because of the torrential rain and strong winds the torch was taken indoors to the Tower Ballroom.

Today's Olympic Torch route can be seen here and below are the "borrowed" shots!


I'm glad for the sake of all those who waited to get a glimpse of the torch that it was not obscured by umbrellas but looking at the UK forecast, I don't think it's the last it will see of the rain.

I suppose you're going to tell me the sun's shining in Braye, Colin??!


Pollygarter said...

Sorry Elizabeth, it looks like you took the bad weather with you. Here in Le Grand Pressigny it has been sunny all day and we've managed to get two lots of washing done, dried and [almost] put away!
That will save Colin from having to tell you the weather's great; but tomorrow looks greyer with strong gusty winds. Then, after Tuesday, it gets hot, very hot.
Hurry back to the warmth, but make sure you leave what's been hitting t'North behind. Thanks.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Pollygarter! I fully intend to leave it behind when I come back to SUNNY, WARM and DRY France!!