Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Newt!

It's back to the old joke...
"what do you call your pet?"
 "Why do you call him Tiny?"
                                                             "Because he's my newt!!"

That's the painful bit over with folks!!

When I came back to England I thought it was time I did a bit of pond tidying. The pond is not very large  because it's one I dug out myself a few years ago, but it attracts an amazing range of wildlife.

In the course of my labours I found there were several newts living there.

These, I think, are Common or Smooth Newt, and more can be read about them here.

As you can see, these two were swimming around happily (or they will be when I get them back into the pond) with the tadpoles..

Here's a close up through the glass tank...

Handsome fellow isn't he... or she?!

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