Friday, 8 June 2012

Blooming Gorgeous!

When we moved into La Croix Blanche the garden was sadly lacking some flowers...

I can happily say that, with the help of cuttings, splitting perennials from my garden back in England and a large dose of Lidl's excellent flower seeds, we now have flowers in abundance!

The planting is an informal mix, but we're pleased with the result and fortunately we like poppies - most of these have self-seeded from outside the garden!

We look forward to the flowering of all the China Aster, Snap-Dragon, Dianthus and Hollyhocks etc.. grown from seed but I think you'll agree, we've plenty to keep us busy in the meantime!

Anyone got any spare vases??!


Jim and Pauline said...

Beautiful !!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Those Lidl seeds are just amazing as I have discovered from experience. Your garden looks great now. Diane

Jean said...

Beautiful !! A proper display of colours. Well done.

Tim said...

Bob Flowerdew recommended the Kohl-Rabi "Superschmeltz"... at the time Lidl were the only source we could find in the UK.
Since then we've discovered that Lidl seeds seem to have a better chance of success than many UK suppliers.
Good germination rates... all other Lidl seed has germinated well... save last years Sunflowers [sourced from Lidl at Perrusson/Loches]... but that failure may have been down to the drought and irregular watering.

Tim said...

Oh... and it isn't La Croix Blanche any more.... is it?