Friday, 22 June 2012

A tragic accident

This afternoon I noticed our weather station (a bit of an exaggeration!!) was not on the windowsill where it has sat since we have been a La Croix Blanche. Strange I thought, surely Elizabeth has not taken it back to England to monitor the rain!!

On closer examination it was on the floor behind our barbecue along with a dead young female blackbird.

Looking at the window, which was cleaned a couple of days ago, there is a clear contact mark.

The bird has obviously flown straight into the window and dislodged the weather station in its death throes. Mystery solved!!

Looking at the pressure readings I think the weather station is like the Blackbird deceased!! So if you see another Elizabeth you better acquire it!!

1 comment:

Tim said...

Colin, it could be male or female... the juveniles look alike to begin with. It is definately a juvenile... the yellow sides of the gape are still visible.
Unfortunately, we like windows with glass in [as did our female Black Redstart - caught her looking in at the window again the other day], but windows with glass in are a hazard for the birds especially unaware juveniles and those being chased... but then again, we have the Melodious Warbler, the Blackcap and the Tits regularly taking flies of the glass in a fly-by attack!