Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jam Butties

I can think of far worse problems than what to do with a glut of strawberries!

When we've eaten our fill and frozen enough to last the decade out, what else is there to do but make JAM!

This has got to be the easiest jam I've ever made..

First take your strawberries - 1kg of strawberries for every kg of sugar - and for this I used a special preserve sugar with pectin and citric acid already added.


Wash the strawberries and place in a large pan . Chop up some of them and leave a few whole - depending on taste.

Add the 1kg bag of preserve sugar, stir and leave until it dissolves into the fruit and its juices.

Once the sugar has dissolved, heat quickly, stirring occasionally, up to a rolling boil and then stir continuously for 5-7 minutes depending on the amount of juice in the fruit.

Skim off the skum from the top of the mix and carefully pour the jam into sterilised jars. Cover with waxed paper.

Once cool, replace the lids and label. All that remains is to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

Personally, I don't think you can beat a good old jam butty! (gluten-free seeded bread courtesy of Genius)


Jean said...

Yum !!
You just can't beat a lovely home-made strawberry jam for yumminess and sunnyness....especially here in the UK where it is grey, raining, 11°C and in one week's time the nights start drawing in.....I think I'll get my thermals out now.....oops, haven't put them away yet so that's ok !!

Susan said...

Yep, got mine in the fridge macerating, ready to be boiled up tomorrow.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

What we want now is a picture of you in your thermals!!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Happy Jamming then!

Pollygarter said...

Um - strawberry icecream is rather nice too - strawbs n cream n sugar n nothing else!

Jean said...

No you don't - unless you're into horror movies !!

GaynorB said...

So you get to enjoy your bumper crop of strawberries for even longer.

I sweeten my porridge with half a teaspoon of jam every morning.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes, we're with you on all those suggestions! And what about the impromptu strawberry, freshly picked, to brighten up a spot of gardening?!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Now that's one I've not tried! I bet it's really good, too!