Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chinon's Monthly Brocante

The monthly brocante at Chinon expands to suit the weather. Visit in the winter and you'll be round it in fifteen minutes. This month's event was more extensive..

Size doesn't, however, alter the range of goods on offer...

In fact, isn't this the same egg whisk we saw in Richelieu last year?

I thought this grouping was particularly eye-catching!

There was even the opportunity to try before you buy..

Here's Colin eyeing up his next new car...

And for the ladies - Gaynor, we seem to remember you have a soft spot for the old cutlery stands??

Speaking of which.... Jean, we nearly bought these for you. We thought they bore a striking resemblance to someone close to your heart. However, the price came a bit too close to our hearts for comfort!

And to round it all off, there was an exhibition of arts and crafts with a jazz band playing us out..

As you'll probably have guessed, it took us rather longer than fifteen minutes to get round this time!


GaynorB said...

Thanks, I have some knife rests just like the ones you've photographed!

Lesley said...

But the set must include the big dude north in the photo. Is he for the carving knife?

The Broad said...

I find the brocantes in our neck of the woods very interesting, but always over-priced -- at least for my pocketbook!