Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bug Magnet

Our Asters have taken over from the lavender as the bug magnet of the moment.

Although generally honey bees making one almighty buzz, when you look closely there is a variety of the different species enjoying the nectar.. Here are a selection.

Just a note about the Asters, when we moved in there was one small clump in the front of the house. Elizabeth dug the clump up split it and planted bits here and there.... We are now overrun with them.... The insects appreciate them though!


Diane said...

I have not got any asters but I have lots of bugs in my cosmos at the moment. Lovely collection of photos. Well done. Diane

Susan said...

Very nice haul, good mix. 2 hymenoptera, 4 diptera (which I can name to family level or better if you are interested), 3 leps.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Diane and Susan.
I think the very basic level is enough for me, Susan, thanks! I am just about coping with butterflies; bees, wasps and flies are beyond me I'm afraid!