Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Answers on a postcard please!

We have puzzled long and hard over some flowers which we grew from seed and which have been flowering non-stop since June. They came as a seed mixture so we have no idea what they are called.

Several people (Jean, you know who you are!) have commented and we would love to be able to put a name to the bloom. Can anyone help us out here, please?

The plants are now past their best but are still producing an array of colours and variations on the composition of the flower.

Once well and truly 'past their best' the flower develops to another level - quite literally!

If I can collect some, there's a scattering of seed in it for a correct identification. Now what gardener out there could walk away from an offer like that??!!

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Diane said...

Those are all zinnias :-) Diane