Saturday, 3 September 2011

Woodland flora

Having endured a life long battle to grow cyclamen successfully in the UK it is an absolute joy to see them growing wild in the woods over here in France.

On a recent walk around the village and back through the Bois du Temple, we discovered these beauties providing ground cover in the shade of the trees.

I'd love to replicate it in the garden but calculating the number of tubers we would need is beyond me - and, I fear, beyond the stretch of the purse strings!

I'll just have to content myself with the pleasure of seeing them in the natural setting, under the tree canopy, where, after all, they look their best.


Diane said...

Wow there are masses of them there. I have not seen them in the wild, but then when I go out on my bike I only go on the road, I am not an off road cyclist. I agree though in their natural setting is the place they should be. They are beautiful Diane

Colin and Elizabeth said...

I think I may have misled you, Diane... I'm about as far from 'off road' as you can get! If I go out on my bike the cars give me a wide berth - mainly because I'm so obviously unsafe!

Susan said...

The cyclamen are naturalised, but not native to lowland central France (the same as snowdrops). They self-seed very easily here, so get yourself a few plants and watch them multiply for themselves. They are lovely.

Craig said...

They look spectacular in a natural woodland setting such as you have photographed. Lovely!