Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Weddings French Style!

We've been privileged to witness some interesting wedding celebrations and customs whilst living in France.
One Saturday the Salle Polyvente, which is just across the field from our house, had its foyer filled with balloons, obviously in preparation for a wedding party...

Each balloon had a message attached..

We heard the sounding of car horns as the wedding party made its way to the reception. This is common in France: the sound of the horns often being accompanied by slower speeds as the wedding convoy winds its way to the venue. The sounding of horns is at its loudest and most insistent in the final few metres.

On the day in question we saw the convoy of cars but unfortunately we missed the sight of the balloons being released!

I would love to know if any of them were returned to the couple with their stories attached!

Another 'custom' we've noticed is that of having tables set out with wine to toast the couple with a glass or two as they leave the church ceremony. We saw this in Richelieu in Les Halles, across the square from the church.

A crowd gathered outside the church as the marriage ceremony came to a close.

And then as soon as the couple emerged from the church the children accompanied the bride as she ran across the square to Les Halles, to be joined by the rest of the party. Everyone was included in the celebrations

Oh I do love a good wedding!!!

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Diane said...

They really go car hooter happy at a wedding, it makes me laugh. I have not seen the balloons though. The other celebration which is great is moving into a new house. I had the honour of joining our French neighbours when they, moved to their new house. Celebrations started at 12h00 and only ended when the last person could dance no longer in the early hours of the next morning!! Diane