Monday, 19 September 2011

Jardin des Ramparts, Thouars

A day out last month took us through Thouars, a medieval city situated in western France in the Poitou-Charentes region. It stands on a rocky outcrop above the right bank of the River Thouars, a tributary of the Loire.

We took a walk round the Jardin des Ramparts set on a steeply sloping site, overlooking the river. What a delightful garden it is!

It's history is rather more brutal. On May 5th 1793 the Vendée army attacked this north-western part of the ramparts. The destruction caused allowed the invading Rochejoquelein to enter the town.

The garden, built on land owned by local historian Hugues Imbert, makes good use of the site. Planting is set against the backdrop of the ramparts and along sinewy paths, which are alarmingly steep in places!

For those who feel like braving the gradient, there is a glimpse of the river down below through the trees.

For most, though, it is a place to come and relax and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity. And judging from the day of our visit, it is well appreciated, as indeed it deserves to be.

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