Friday, 30 September 2011

Wash day blues!

What's the worst thing that can happen when you've a houseful of guests? (apart from rampant food poisoning, that is!)

Well it happened. Having made a start on our guests laundry, the machine chose that moment to break down, leaving all the clothes suspended in water within the machine.

Colin worked long and hard to repair it... Printing out an appropriate circuit diagram from the internet and checking each circuit for faults...

Every check pointed back to the electronic programmer that was no longer programming but 'dead in the water' as it were!!
You can't argue with a broken programmer! Given the machine was at least 8 years old, there was nothing left to do but go in search of a replacement. As washers range anywhere from €200 to €1000 we searched the internet to help identify our criteria and arrived at a shortlist of suitable machines. However, with those on the internet there was a hefty delivery charge and generally a wait of up to two weeks!!!. 

So off we went to various shops in Chatelleraut. Nothing came close to the internet prices except for the last place we tried,  Leclerc. They had an Electrolux machine on offer which was on our list and fitted the bill. It was cheaper than the internet price we had and they had one in stock we could take with us. So we did!!!  The chap at Leclerc was great, bringing it to the car and helping us load up.

The machine was installed this morning and has done its first load of washing...

Great!! We have spent a happy afternoon watching washing going round - as it does and as you do!


Diane said...

I could not agree more a washing machine that goes wrong is not fun. Mine started playing up this week and I asked N to phone the UK agent to see if they could come up with an answer, it was not spinning and sticking firm with 2 mins to go. As it is built in, it is difficult to get to but they said check the filter. With difficulty did that and there was little in it, so put it all back and tried again. It worked :) Just hope the next wash works as well. Guarantee ran out in April this year!
Hope the new machine works well for you. Guess you had a wet floor if your machine was full of water! Diane

GaynorB said...


GaynorB said...

Re my email to you.

Well, blow me down!

Comment worked this time when I accessed you via my dashboard.

Jean said...

Oh dear, I nothing lasts long these days so I suppose 8 years is quite good. My mum's old twin tub was still going strong after 20 years!

And why do we do that thing of watching the washing going round when the machine is if we have never seen anything so amazing before !!

BTW, I have also been having trouble leaving comments. It only seems to work if I am already signed in when I post the comment. I don't know if this is just your blog or others too - it's obviously some change that Blogger has made to its processes that seems to not work properly. Usually I can make the comment, then sign in and post it but on your blog I can't - the comment just vanishes without trace from the box and I have to start all over again.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Twin tubs last a lifetime!!! BUT would you want one for soooooo long!!

Have looked at the comments settings and changed it from Reg Users to Anyone, which I thought it was on!! Will see how that goes..