Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Les Halles - Richelieu

Ever since I first came to Richelieu many years ago the vaulted market hall has always been and still remains one of the best timber structures I have seen. Built in the 1600's it is still used today every Monday and Friday for traditional markets and also for other specialist markets throughout the year.


The Abbé Henri Proust in his blog Eminence Rouge has noted that work on restoration of the roof of Les Halles is to start soon. It will be an interesting set of works to follow. His blog also contains details of other works currently being undertaken in Richelieu.

During the Christmas market last year Les Halles was decorated and full of christmas stalls. It had a great atmosphere for the occasion.

It truly is a magnificent structure and a credit to the tradesmen who built it all those years ago. I wonder if the architects/structural engineers of the day worked out all the beam loadings? It would be an interesting document to read....


GaynorB said...

The Christmas market must be a real treat.
One year perhaps we will see it 'live'.

Craig said...

Magnificent is indeed the right word!

Abbé Henri Proust said...

It is all in the hands of the Mairie who are at present still putting together the dossier asking for 'subvention'. But we are assured that the repair and re-slating of the historic structure will be the next major step in the town's progressive restoration. Of course, in France as elsewhere, state subsidy support during the credit crisis is hard to come by, but Richelieu seems to have 'caught the eye' of Frederic Mitterand who visited the town and the newly opened 'Espace Richelieu' in 2010. We privately hope the Merlot brothers will get the job; it was they who replaced (in its entirety) one of the obelisks on the church opposite.