Saturday, 17 September 2011

Causing Chaos at the Supermarket...

All I wanted was a box!

Our glut of fruit has led to storage problems and in an effort to alleviate these I thought it would be a good idea, whilst at the supermarket, to ask an assistant for an empty box. That's all! Just a box, like the one fruit comes in....

Well... off went the supermarket employee telling me to "ne bougez pas" if I would dare!

He returned with a carbonated pad and proceeded to write (endlessly, it seemed). Colin quietly asked if I thought the poor man was under the impression that we wanted to purchase a full box of apples - heaven forbid!!

Eventually he handed me a piece of paper.....

We hadn't a clue why and I hadn't the heart to ask if he would mind if I took two boxes... In any case I had the distinct impression that Colin would have disowned me if I did!

And so we continued our route round the supermarket, box and piece of paper in hand. Until, that is, I saw another man with empty boxes.... So I took the plunge and asked. He simply handed me a box; no piece of paper - just a box!
"1 carton"
Did he see me as a kindred spirit? Or had word got round the store that staff were likely to be approached by a mad English woman with a box fetish?

We have since realised that the form filling of the first assistant was part of the store's policy of logging customers' requests; hopefully to act on them!

What a brilliant idea! Well done, Auchan!!


Diane said...

So glad at the end of all of that you at least came home with some boxes!!! Diane

Colin and Elizabeth said...

We were just glad that was all we came home with, Diane!!

Tim said...

That's very strange... the LeClerc at Perruson has a great big space full of boxes that you can help yourself to... as many as you want! On one occasion there was a two dozen egg tray which I snaffled immediately [for chitting our spuds!]