Saturday, 13 August 2011

Gomphocerippus rufus alias Rufous Grasshopper!!

Well at least that is what I think it is!! I am certain one of our readers will put me right...

I prefer 'Big Brown Grasshopper' its more descriptive. It was hopping and flying around our Haricots last night when Elizabeth was harvesting them. (She carries the camera everywhere!!)

When it moved it wings appeared to give a blue sheen and it looked quite attractive..  Although we didn't hear it, the song resembles a sewing machine working in 5 sec bursts. (that's if it is Rufous)

Pity there wasn't a few of them. I bet they are quite tasty tossed with a bit of butter in a hot pan!!

Elizabeth also spotted a Grass Snake last night.... Can you???

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norma said...

I think you will have to put an 'x marks the spot' on that one!