Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Butterfly Atlas - August Update

Last week saw us up near Assay again for the August stage of the Butterfly Atlas project (STERF).

Each month Colin provides invaluable help with his skilful camera work, whilst I fill in the required details, clipboard in hand.  In fact I would not have been able to complete the survey without his photographs to assist with identification. I'm not very good at naming butterflies flying past and then landing some metres away but his camera lens has been able to pick out the subjects on my behalf.

Here are some of his August beauties....

The Speckled Wood..


The small white ....  or is it the large white??

A lovely Provencal Short-tailed Blue...

The Gatekeeper

 And finally my photographic contribution to the day.... Chicory!!

 I guess I'm not cut out for moving subjects!!!


Diane said...

I struggle to take butterflies,they are just too quick!!! Identification is even more difficult. Great pics. Diane

Craig said...

Those photos are remarkable!

Susan said...

Your Common Blue is actually a Provencal Short-tailed Blue. Small White is fine. On one of my transects I had Great Banded Graylings leaping out of every bush in August - very nice! I agree that having photos that you can ID later is essential for these surveys.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks Susan for your help with the identification. I've changed the post to reflect this.