Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The tale of a sink - Buyers beware....

In addition to our dislike of our kitchen worktops and tiles (See here.) we both disliked the kitchen sink even more...

As well as the colour it was quite badly chipped. So last week, we after we had found suitable worktops, we went in search of a sink to match. After trawling the various outlets we came across the ideal specimen in Bricomarche at St Maure.  ÉVIER EN RÉSINE À POSER "ANTARES" 2 CUVES SABLE MOUCHETÉ which translated means 'Resin Sink "Antares"  speckled sand, two bowl'.  

It was priced at €176. When we inquired it was the last one and came with no instructions or fixing brackets. With a little haggling the assistant threw in a waste set which was the best we could get. We made the purchase and went on our way. The next day, whilst shopping in Chatellerault, we called in at the branch of Bricomarche there to look at waste fittings. What a surprise we got! They had two of the same sink with instructions and fixing brackets for a price of €129..... It was dusty but it was the same sink.. Right!! a rather raging Elizabeth said "I am taking the other one back."

After we had calmed down and had some lunch I checked on the internet and found our favourite DIY store Brico Depot at Dissay had the same sink for, would you believe, €93:50.

Elizabeth took the sink back but as there was nothing wrong with it could only get an Avoir or credit note. This only had a time limit of 30 days and had to be used at the same store. As we had not bought the worktops and we had seen these in three different Bricomarche stores at the same price we would spend the credit note to buy the worktops.

As nowhere was open on the Sunday and Monday - Assomption  Day -  we just had to hope that the St Maure store had not sold the two worktops we wanted.  This morning we had a satisfactory solution.

We got the two worktops from St Maure and then went on to Dissay and bought a sink and waste set. All we need now is one additional worktop and for it all to be fitted....not a job I'm looking forward to!!

So the moral of this story is: don't think that all prices in the same store chain are the same and if possible shop around once you have seen the item you want. It could save you money and time!!!


Craig said...

French houses and chipped brown sinks with brown tiles above... how well I remember it! Considering what an objectionable look it is, I still find it amazing that 90% of French homes choose that particular look! Well done you for making the change and getting a great bargain to boot!

Jean said...

We have a similar sink, almost identical tiles and the same kitchen units !!!

However, the sink is in good nick, the tiles are slightly paler and have actually been fixed to the wall properly (with grout, no less, unlike those in the bathroom where they decided to dispense with grout!) and the units seem to be solid oak, good as new.

Therefore, considering that ours is just a holiday home, we are sticking with the kitchen exactly as it is and spending the money on food and wine instead !!

Good luck with the project !! (ie rather you than me - another reason for leaving ours as it is !!)

Diane said...

Nothing more annoying than buying something, then finding the exact same thing somewhere else so much cheaper. I would have gone nuts but my rotten French would not have coped!! Diane

Darryl Iorio said...

For me, your previous kitchen sink is unique. It's very unusual for me to see a chipped brown sink because people would normally go for white or stainless. Nevertheless, change is always present in this world, so replacing it with a new one isn't bad. After all, you've replaced it with something unique too. That makes me think that you're an adventurous person.

Darryl Iorio