Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Prieuré saint-Léonard de l'Ile-Bouchard (15kms from Braye)

We have always liked l'Ile-Bouchard ever since we first went there when we were on holiday a few years ago. We now go quite regularly both to enjoy the river and  pick up shopping at the Super-U. Until this morning we had never been to the ruin of the priory church of St Leonard.

The construction of the priory church of St Leonard dates back to the eleventh century. There is not a great deal of the church left but what remains is stunning. The last photograph gives a complete description in English. (like all our photographs if you click on it to enlarge it you can read it).

You have got to admire the skill of the stone carvers from all those years ago whose work still remains today..
There are six capitals all intricately carved with religious themes. A description of each is given at the left hand side of the photograph below.

The priory is open all year round and it is free to visit.


Diane said...

The workmanship all those years ago is quite amazing, nothing like it nowadays even with all the new machinery and skills. This is names after my FIL must let him know :-) Diane

Craig said...

It looks stunning! A great place for a visit.

Susan said...

Actually Diane, skilled artisans are just as good today if not better - as my experience in the heritage industry has taught me. What is sometimes lacking these days is the quality of the raw materials the artisans have to work with.

That sliced through apse is fab - like a real live architectural drawing :-) We must visit!