Saturday, 6 August 2011

La nocturne gourmande du Cardinal

Richelieu hosted La nocturne gourmande du Cardinal yesterday evening in the square. We went along to take a look just after the start and tables were already set out for diners later in the evening.
 As always with these events, the preparation was thorough..
Music was provided by MEL1 - MELODIES, a most unusual contraption but very effective in the setting.
Around the square were stalls selling a wide range of local produce and gourmet dishes prepared on the stalls.
The stall which particularly caught my eye was Macaronniere D'Autrefois, with its sign declaring "Sans Gluten". What a star! 
 This was one stall at which I could enjoy a tasting; and enjoy I did!!

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Susan said...

I think his product is great and he seems a very genuine nice guy, but sadly I don't feel I can justify purchasing at his prices.