Sunday, 7 August 2011

Marché Médiéval; Chinon

As a setting for a Marché Médiéval you can't get much better than Chinon. And yesterday the town hosted just such an event.

We went along in the afternoon and immediately realised it was very popular indeed - so popular that parking was well nigh impossible.

After a trek from the outskirts we came to the town centre where there were stalls featuring traditional trades including a blacksmith, a demonstration of glass-blowing and clog making. There were also period games and  dressing-up Medieval style for the children. (I'm not clear where the face painting features in Medieval life but it was well supported nevertheless!)


Old rubbed shoulders with new and even the narrowest of streets were full of stalls.....


It seemed everyone had made an effort: even many of the visitors to the Marché had entered into the spirit of things...

Chinon was transformed for the day into a bustling Medieval town. It was a colourful, vibrant and a wonderful afternoon out for us.


Craig said...

That looks like a very fun time. The French do these types of things so much better than the British. I'm jealous!

Orion500 said...

Hi we were there enjoyed the day, the acting and haunting music really made an impact!!
We stayed on the campsite at Chinon for 3 weeks.

You are certainly living in a great part of the world.
Best wishes

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thank you Orion500 we love it here. It is a dream come true after many years of camping in France.

Orion500 said...

You are most welcome, delighted it is working out for you.
We have been coming to your area every year since 1995 and we were at at last years Festival.
France seams to have a much more relaxed attitude to life which we think is important.

Enjoy !!